Herbert Brün: Archive of Computer Graphics

The preservation of Herbert Brün's
computer generated graphics
The project consisted of mounting
the graphics on conservation board and
then encapsulating the graphics in mylar.
After research and consultation with
the conservation librarian at the University
of Illinois this was the selected method of
preservation. This process carried out with
archival quality materials and met archival
standards of "undoability." While it was a
relatively inexpensive method per graphic, the
total cost of preserving the entire collection
was quite high. There are upwards of 500 graphics.
The archive of computer graphics will be housed
at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
Once the encapsulation process was completed,
the graphics began to be catalogued for
reference and research use. If you are a holder
of one of Herbert's graphics it would also be
useful to hear from you so that we can get name,
date and identifying numbers of the graphic.
The archiving project is being coordinated by
Lisa Fay.
 Information about computer graphics
held can be sent to the PRESERVATION PROJECT,
Attn: Lisa Fay, c/o the Performers' Workshop
Ensemble, P.O. Box 5043 Station A, Champaign,
Illinois 61825, USA or via email, to:
lfay@prairienet.org. Please submit the following
information from what is written on the graphic:
date, title, identifying numbers, other qualities

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